What are your ticket prices?

Our prices are $15 for general admission and $25 for blue circle. Season tickets are $50 and $100. Both Blue Circle and General Admission seating are first-come, first-served. The configuration of Blue Circle seating varies with each performance, depending on what we feel works best with the individual production. As a guide, the Broad PAC theatre is divided into six sections, a front half and a back half, a center and left and right sections. Blue Circle is most of the center front section and sometimes the first rows of the left and right front sections. There is very little variation in sound throughout the theatre. Patrons usually select the Blue Circle for the closer view.

Is there a season ticket discount?

Season tickets are $50 for general admission and $100 for blue circle. Those of you who have attended our concerts in the past know that you want season tickets because we are always sold out.

What's the "free popcorn"?

We always have a free after-concert reception in our covered atrium. It started as a simple wine and cheese gig but quickly morphed into treats ranging from empanadas and Philipino meat skewers to kosher Christmas cookies.

How do you chose the artists to perform?

International, award winning, world-class, interesting, a little that is familiar and a little that is new.

Where does one park?

Primary parking is in the lot just inside the Barry entrance on NE 115 St, between NE 2d Ave and Miami Avenue. For general parking, turn right upon entering the campus. Turn left for the handicapped parking lot, from which there is a ramp to the adjacent Broad Performing Arts Center. In addition, handicapped attendees may proceed straight, making a u-turn just past the Broad, which is on your left. Passengers may be dropped off in front of the Broad, and the driver may then proceed to the primary parking lot.
In the event the primary lot becomes full, additional parking is available on the west side on Miami Avenue, south of NE 115 St and south of the Student Center.

What are benefits of season tickets?

– significant price discount
– tickets may be exchanged for other performances, subject to availability and prior notification